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Cutting Costs in the Data Center with DCIM and Lifecycle Asset Management

Today, it’s all too easy to take our technological resources for granted. Instead of optimizing the systems we already have, we throw money at them when performance falls below standards. Running out of memory? Buy more. Latency? Increase bandwidth. Slow service? Get more server racks. The computer that took man to the moon had exactly […]


How An IT Maintenance Audit Keeps Your Business Profitable And Efficient

Today, functional technology is crucial to the success of almost any business, and that’s especially true for data centers or other service providers who rely on storage equipment, server racks, routers and other networking hardware. But technology often fails, and for that we need maintenance. In the data center industry, a good maintenance strategy falls […]

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Multi-Vendor IT Support in The Data Center: Is it Worth the Cost?

When building a data center or enterprise resource plan (ERP), organizations inevitably have to make a simple but tricky decision: should they follow a single-vendor strategy, or use the best products they can find throughout the market without worrying about software or compatibility? As we will soon see, both methods have their pros and cons, […]


Data Center Alley: Why 70% of Internet Traffic Flows Through Ashburn Virginia

Today, business owners in Northern Virginia like to say that 70% of the world’s Internet traffic passes through Fairfax and Loudon county where the “Silicon Valley of The East” is located. While this figure cannot be perfectly substantiated, it’s true that the stretch of communities near the Dulles International Airport is widely renowned as America’s […]

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5 Ways CISCO UCS Transforms Enterprise Networking

It’s been a decade since Cisco announced “Project California” in March of 2009, launched the following year as the Unified Computing System (UCS) platform. This bold entry into the enterprise server market was met – at first – with a combination of skepticism and bewilderment. But within five years of its launch, Cisco had overtaken […]

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Cisco Unified Computing System Changes how IT Organizations do Business

The Cisco Unified Computing System is the first integrated data center platform that combines industry-standard, x86-architecture servers with networking and storage access into a single unified system. The system is intelligent infrastructure that uses integrated, model-based management to simplify and accelerate deployment of applications and services running in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud-computing environments. Employing Cisco’s […]

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How Cisco’s Servers (Cisco UCS) Lowers Costs and Raises Agility in The Data Center

“Agility” has become the marching order of today’s digital transformation initiatives across industries ranging from IT to services to fast food restaurants. A vector of “scalability” and “adaptability,” the term simply means: “the ability to respond quickly to changes or threats.” An agile data center is therefore one which can scale or downsize quickly with […]