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Dealing with Warranty Expiration for Aging IT Equipment

When hardware warranties expire or systems reach their end of service life (EOSL), there’s good reason for concern: the industry standard for data center reliability is 99.99%, and one system going offline for seconds can have disastrous consequences. A data center depends on well-maintained, dependable equipment that won’t cause downtime, latency or needless expense. The […]

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The UCS Solution

The Challenge The digital business transformation is upon us, and it is creating new demands on IT organizations: Applications: Modern applications are becoming less monolithic and more like organic entities that grow and shrink through the use of modular, distributed microservices. This reduces dependence on traditional IT infrastructure and places new demands on IT organizations […]

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Can Your Database Keep Up?

HyperFlex systems provide you the performance you need If your organization is like most, databases like Microsoft SQL Server are used throughout your operation. Maybe you rely on these databases for online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, or batch processing. Perhaps you use business intelligence, online analytical processing (OLAP), or report generation tools. Most likely, […]

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Cisco Intersight – The Benefits of Essentials

A primary design goal of Cisco Intersight is to simplify and automate IT operations. Cisco Intersight – Essentials delivers on this objective with significant new advantages to Cisco UCS and HyperFlex customers. Guest Blogger: Gautham Ravi, Director, UCS Product Management Pervasive Simplicity One of the challenges of management at scale is keeping things simple. When […]


HyperFlex Multicloud Platform is here and coming to Cisco Live Barcelona

HyperFlex Multicloud Platform is ready for any app, on any cloud, at any scale HyperFlex Multicloud Platform is built on 3.0 HX Data Platform innovations, introducing Microsoft Hyper-V support, container support, increased cluster scale with logical availability zones, and stretch clusters for high availability. HyperFlex Multicloud Services enable any application tier to be deployed, monitored […]